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-Excerpt from Tiffany's first book Shelly the Shelless

​​​​Shelly was as ordinary as any turtle there was, except...

Shelly had NO shell!

Oh, no!  Poor Shelly! 

Meet Shelly's Author Tiffany Kim

With the first beam of light,

Not a sound yet to be heard.

My mom is up and at'em,

My mom is an early bird.

  Hello!  My name is Tiffany, and I am just an ordinary kid, however, with a vast imagination!  My mom says that my imagination is taller than Mount Everest and wider than the Pacific Ocean!  For example, one day I imagined...  What if there was a cute little turtle with a pink bow named Shelly?  What if Shelly, like any other turtle, lived in a pond and had a bunch of friends who loved her, and everything was great, except Shelly had no shell!  What would Shelly do then?  What would you do if you were a turtle without a shell?  
   And this how I got an idea for my first storybook Shelly the Shelless.  In this book, join Shelly on the adventure to find her a shell with a cute and unexpected ending.    

-Excerpt from My mom is..