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   Tiffany enjoys going to school, chatting with her friends, planning slumber parties, reading books, playing outside, swimming, watching silly TV shows, playing video games, singing and just being one big and exuberant goofball.  And, besides all that super important stuff that kids do on a daily basis, Tiffany loves writing her own stories for children.  

   Tiffany is excited to announce that her first book Shelly the Shelless is available for download on iBooks and in paperback format.  

   It took more than a year for Tiffany and her mom to edit and draw all the illustrations for their first book.  However,  within that year Tiffany and her mom fell in love with Shelly and the opportunity of working together.  Tiffany hopes that you will love Shelly the Shelless as much as she does. 

Featured Illustrator: Alina Kim

   Alina enjoys reading, jogging, cooking, watching Syfy movies, visiting museums, having barbecue cookouts with friends, going new places, and just being a mom.  And, besides all that trivial stuff that grown-ups do on a daily basis, Alina loves working with Tiffany on drawing illustrations for their stories and writing short children's poems.

   "I would have never thought that I will be writing or illustrating children's books!" Alina would say to her friends.  "I guess being a mom to such wonderful, imaginative and talented child as Tiffany, comes with its perks!"   

   As Tiffany grew bigger and bigger, so did her passion for reading and story writing.  One day, when Tiffany was eight years old, she wrote a cute story about a turtle named Shelly the Shelless. Her mom loved that story so much that she couldn't bear to put it away and forget about it.  So, that day Tiffany and her mom decided to draw illustrations for the story and make it into a children's book.   
    KimBooks was born out of a passion for reading and storytelling between mother and daughter. When it comes to children's story writing and illustrating, Alina and Tiffany complement as well as inspire each other.  KimBooks is mother and daughter team, who want to share their passion with the rest of the world.   

Featured Author: Tiffany Kim

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More books coming soon by Alina Kim

More books coming soon by Tiffany Kim

Featured Illustrator: Alina Kim

  Good things come in small packages.  One day a young mother was blessed with a such a "package."  A little bundle of joy!  It didn't take long for that "bundle" to learn how to walk and talk, and how to wiggle and giggle.  And before this young mother knew it, her little bundle of joy learned how to read and write.  This young mother's name is Alina, and the bundle of joy is Tiffany.