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  Now that little baby-tadpoles grew into little frogs, they will have their first birthday party ever, and Shelly is invited! Hooray! Shelly is so excited to play, and laugh, and eat birthday cake! Except, Shelly is not sure what will be the best birthday present for the little frogs. Even though, they are all same age and look very much alike, at the same time, every single one of them is so different! In this book, you will get to join Shelly on the adventure on finding perfect gift or gifts for her friends frogs.


   Some bunnies do not like word YES at all.  In fact, they do not like it so much that they almost never use it.  Is there any magical way to teach a bunny to say YES?  Is it even possible at all?   In this book, join Mommy and Daddy bunnies on the quest of finding out why is their little bunny does not want to say word YES.  

   It is great to have a mom!  Even greater yet to be a mom!

As a mom, you get to be so many things at the same time!  In this book, you will find that mom can become a kitty cat, or a polar bear, a bird or a bunny, a kangaroo or even a dolphin!   However, no matter what you are, or who you are, as a mom, you will always be the most important person to your child. 

   When Shelly isn't swimming in the pond or sunbathing in the sun, she is in school.  When a new kid joins the class, Shelly is so eager to make a new friend!  Except, the new kid is not interested in making friends at all!  .....Or is she?  In this book, join Shelly on an adventure of finding out that you should not judge a book by its cover and there is much more to every person than what meets the eye.

   No one is perfect, and there is more than one solution to a problem.  Meet a cute little turtle named Shelly the Shelless, who is as ordinary as any turtle, except Shelly is missing her shell.  In this book, join Shelly on the adventure to find her a shell with a cute and unexpected ending!